• Welcome to Blooming Marvellous – The Knitted Garden, an intergenerational community knitting/crochet project. Initially made by over 2000 volunteers culminating in a knitted/crocheted 3D garden which climbed, creeped and blossomed over three floors of Bournemouth Library in 2011, where it amazed 30,300 visitors and is now on tour around the UK for its sixth year.

Unfortunately due to recent sad events, the Knitted Garden will no longer be touring. Thank you to all of the thousands of marvellous people who contributed work to the exhibition and to everyone who loved to visit us.

Visitor comments published by The Thelma Hulbert Gallery may 2016

‘Fascinating + joyful. Still smiling

‘Incredible collection of knitted gems. Wonderful!’

Visitor comments published in The Red House Museum Curator’s Report Feb 2016

All the feedback was positive, a selection of comments:-

‘Utterly enchanting’ ; ‘Brilliant initiative,

more please!’; ‘leaving with a big smile’;

‘Jaw dropping, wonderful, amusing’




What our visitors say…..